We Shall All Surely Hang Seperately

Episode 1: Alcohol Also Intoxicates

Five men find themselves at a very curious bar tended by a very curious bartender. In short order, they are assaulted by demonic apes-or rather, the bartender is. Of course, our heroes don’t let this stop them from taking advantage of the carnage…in order to cause additional carnage.

They dispatch the apes handily, but find themselves rather less equipped to deal with the Demon City the bartender chose to place his establishment in- chose rather poorly, in fact. In the midst of being killed by said City, the bartender of such poor geographic tastes warns them to beware a man whose image is seared into their mind with an ear splitting howl that echoes through the universe-
A North-man, long of beard and strong of arm, with one eye blind and one eye sharp. He speaks, and the snow moves. He sighs, and the seas churn. His brow is marked by another, but he makes the seal his own.

-before they find themselves awake in their own beds. How fortuitous! Surely the world in which they live by day is not nearly so dangerous as the one they were borne into by night!



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